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puppet planet news november 2009

Greetings from Puppet Planet!

Lesley is now living above the shop so when you come to Puppet Planet it’s worth ringing first on 020 7627 0111 / 07900 975 276 as the shop can be open by appointment at any day or time.

Come along and see the seaside Punch & Judy booth. This traditional show has been touring festivals and fetes and is great fun for parties of all ages. It is a good catalyst for debating political correctness, combining traditional entertainment and contemporary comment!

At the back of the shop there’s Reiki Space where training and treatments take place, as well as Life Coaching. From the sublime to the ridiculous, you may have seen on TV the C5 coverage of the budget - the lookalike Alistair Darling marionette with moving mouth and eyebrows was produced in the Puppet Planet studio.

Puppets on hire from the shop were recently on view in a window display in Selfridges, showcasing Vivienne Westwood fashion. As a puppeteer Lesley has worked on music videos for Natty also Marina and the Diamonds

Puppet Planet is now on the LONSAS website as a resource for schools, showing that education can be fun. Creativity and imagination are developed through drama (storytelling, clown and mask) and puppet-making workshops.

Take a moment to watch the 10 minute puppet film shot on location in Clapham which is a pilot for a Bagpuss-meets-Mr Benn series based in Puppet Planet.

See you soon!