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Greetings from Puppet Planet 2010

Greetings from Puppet Planet 2010! Just like a London bus, 2011 will be arriving soon...

Puppet Planet's first short film "Pinocchio" screened at "Making Tracks" at Richmix and was chosen to be shown in America at the Festivus Film Festival. "Punch & Judy", the next film in this trilogy is now in pre-production.

Artists continue to find inspiration at Puppet Planet, most recently Jonny Briggs. Hired puppets grace stage and screen, also magazines - picture Mitchell and Webb as Pelham puppet Schoolmasters...

Barry Ramage worked on customising puppets of Prof. Greene for a music video and "Little Captain", the vent dummy for Michael Behr's new alter ego. Children's author Mary Dickinson's series of "Make & Bake Stories" hosted locally round the corner from Puppet Planet was a successful recipe combining storytelling, baking (and eating!) together with puppet-making.

Storytelling and puppet-making workshops in schools and care centres have been popular - if you're looking for a storyteller try Lesley Butler on page 12 of the Literacy Trust Professor Baguette can be found on the Punch and Judy directory and at

Puppet Planet the shop featured in "Time Out Best Shop Guide" and the Guardian "Best Small Shop Guide". The characterful Puppet Planet van with stickers: "Does my Mum look big in this?" and "No Fools left in this van overnight" has had to go in anticipation of the Lower Emissions regulations in Central London. A replacement is needed!