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              José Navarro puppeteer and mime artist 
Hugo Salazar mime artistOn Saturday the 5th of May at Puppet Planet from 7 - 9pm A special presentation of PUPPETRY & MIME 


Ring 020 7627 0111 or 07900 975276 to book. Tickets £15 - refreshments available.


 ‘MIMELOGY’ is a new Variety puppetry & mime Show exploring various historical and artistic perspectives of these 2 art forms. This Peruvian double bill features José Navarro Theatre and Hugo Fernando Salazar. Hugo is from the city of Cusco in the High Andes and is visiting London for the first time. He has over 28 years of experience in the world of theatre, as an actor, teacher, director, author and producer. His original devised creation ‘Alone in the Multitude’ is directed by Dalia Ivanova Paz Ponce. In this drama he highlights through movement and gesture a series of short stories representing the desires and frustrations of contemporary characters. José has trained in both puppetry and mime - here he works with classic puppets including shadows and marionettes, artfully framing and reflecting on the various scenarios. A dramatic treat!