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A Feast for the Imagination


On Saturday 20 May, Puppet Planet will be celebrating the final month of its 'Winter always turns to Spring' festival with a Grand Finale evening showcasing the puppetry of José Navarro, complemented by Canapés & Cocktails from Charlie's Kitchen. On the stage at the back of the Puppet Planet shop José will present a range of characters from a wide and colourful spectrum of puppetry forms in a skilful and playful programme. The accompanying menu of Mini Bites will have a South American flavour, and include a pudding and punch!  All for £25 a head - to book, call or text on 07900975276 

Fish Tacos w Raspberry Red Onion Chutney 
Yorkshire Puddings with Lemon Beef Spicy Potato Caramelised Vegetables
Layered Causa Potato Cake Andean Chicken Fritter Zesty Salsa Criolla (Red Onion Lime Coriander) 

Vegetarian Options 
Roasted Vegetable Tacos w Mango Tamarind Chutney 
Yorkshire Puddings w Lime Mushrooms Spicy Potato Caramelised Vegetables 
Layered Causa Potato Cake w Vegetable Cebiche Zesty Salsa Criolla 

Raspberry Chocolate Pots

Elderflower and Raspberry Mojito Punch /Non Alcoholic Alternative